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WSOP Summery
  franchise, Jul 19 2008

Back from Vegas, and wow lemme tell u Vegas sucks if ur there for over 96 hours. So many distractions!! Well, predictably, I was the illest for all of that 96 hours before degeneracy and what not got ahold of me, and the other 40 days in Vegas were basically a waste. Lots of fun, but by the end I was way too excited to go back to VA and rehab.

WSOP is my least favorite thing other than people like livb. I had one stake for the whole thing, and some other guys who could only come for short intervals. Well, my star stake had 2 small cashes and I had a solid 0, so I ended down at least 120k from staking. I swear I've never run worse than in these tournaments. For example, the HU event I am playing a total jopke donkament player 1st round who shoves turn drawing dead for all the chips, then I get a solid high-stakes cash player 2nd round who decimates me because I can't make a hand. Ugh I'm supposed to win this and its honestly very frustrating when I don't make a splash. Whatever, I ended up playing like 11 tournies total and bubbling 3; I was CL of one near the bubble but obv I cannot win a hand when it matters. I started off on a torrid pace, up like 60k in cash after the first 3 days, but after that I basically didn't do anything poker-wise. Live cash is so boring and when I get bored I generally raise and reraise for fun. Bad things could happen. Whatever.

Also adding insult to injury, I went on the Plomaha downswing over 3 days, the last 3 I was in Vegas. As usual, moving up was accompanied by running impeccably bad. Like epic. So I think it constitutes the second "shot" I've taken that ended like this. Frankly I'm tired of this so I'm focusing on making money only for the next couple of months. I'm moving into a new balla apartment next week and have to decide whether I want to persue this poker thing fulltime, or finish school. I dunno which to do because there are merits to both but also accompanying are pressures from both sides. I read this interesting article on Hoss's blog, this goes on the pro-poker side, a good read none the less:

Basically this is a time of change in my life so I'm trying to finally grow up a lil bit. As you may have noticed, I am pretty immature; its ok but I could stand to gain some perspective and act reasonably. All responsible people create lists, so I'm going to create a to-do list of stuff that I need to get done over the next few months, and try to adhere to it. Also, I threw this idea out to a few people in Vegas: Since I know I should be a lil (lot) healthier, I want to make some sort of fitness-related bet, for a lot of $$. I think the only way I can motivate myself to get really fit again is to place a significant amount of money on it. Unfortunately my friends at home can't bet this much. So anyone who thinks they have a similar goal, holla at me with some ideas. I don't want it to be a strictly weight-loss bet, because at my peak physical condition I was basically the same weight (all muscle obv), and I'm not grossly overweight or anything, so I think if I work out and all that stuff I'll be maybe 10lbs less but in fantastic shape. Maybe something to do with body-fat %?? I've been looking to book like 50k on this but I'll do anything 20k+ I just think it would be extremely beneficial to have monetary incentive to do what I should be doing anyway.

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Plomerharrr, WSOP
  franchise, Jun 10 2008

Long time no update, I've been in Vegas for 1 week and wow live poker is so easy. I'm up prob >50k from playing cash games for like 3 hrs each day for 4 days maybe. However, my stakes are struggling and I did not cash in the one event I played so far (5k shootout), however i did stack a well known online player in said tournament within 15 minutes of play, I'll post details if they ever become relevant. He did not know who I was or anything, I showed up to the table in dire shape needless to say, and it was pretty hilarious to see the players' reactions to my play as they all thought I was a huge fish. Case in point, I call EP's raise 7-handed with AJos, three callers, and big name live pro shoves allin with tt from BB. Folds to me where I easily call off his 8k raise with my 27k stack having the table easily covered, ofc I miss and lose the hand but had I won the flip (there was ~4200 dead in the pot and 8k more to me and his hand is so obvious) I would've had a 4:1 chiplead over the entire table 6 handed means I win about 90% of the time and I can't fathom how I'd lose it. Anyway, I build my stack up again only to have name live pro stack me JJ
I registered for the 1500 plo event tomorrow for some reason. Recently I have been reading books/studying the game of Plomaha, and I find it facinating. I find it to be the most elegant, beautiful game of poker currently, and the aspect of nonstop gambling fascinates me ( ?). Anyway, I tried playing from 25/50 all the way up to 50/100 deep HU and my results over 10k hands are......I broke fucking even after being up ~50k for most of the time. Today I had a 100k swing online again (god I miss the good old days) where I was stuck ~50k in plo then played a huge fish in LHE to regain all my losses + a couple k. Couple that with my huge 2.5k win in blackjack and I could not complain to the gambling gods even tho i lost some sick pots in plo.

Oh and if you havn't played plo with me, I'm fucking nuts, I bet my friend I'd be allin within the first lap in this tournament (he thinks it'll take at least 2 LOL donks).

Oh i made my first online mortal enemy, Livb112. He is a total psychopath, he messaged me a (literal) 15 page rant on AIM after I declined a rematch for a 5500 HU sng while playing other games when he explicitly told me before he would not play me higher than 2200 because I'm the illest. Meanwhile 3 lines into this dialogue I said and repeated something to the effect of "I dont give a fuck about what you say quit talking to me lame." Anyways, I can only stand someone talking down to me for so long before I went absolutely shizah on this degen pos; Livb if ur out there I'll challange u to HU for life with blunt objects, u fucking faggot, how dare you waste my time with ur incessant rants and HU challanges at lower stakes (L oh fucking L). We're talking about a faggot that refused to play me at the highest stakes SNG when he is the biggest winner ever at SNGs and I have played maybe 100 HS sngs ever. Also he made random derragartory racial type comments which I can only construe as WTFmaterial. Seriously, try me u fucking bitch. At anything. Any time. Ever.
Fuck all haters,
One love,

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Stop <4outting me; Where the fishies at?
  franchise, May 18 2008

I had a great idea for this month: see after I moved out of my crib at school I'd move this badboy (not that actual one but one just like it):

over to my Mom's house in rural bumfuck, where she just moved. Since I know nobody in this backward redneck community I planned to just kick it and play some online poker in my ample free time, make like 100k, and cash it out right before I head to Vegas so I'd have some extra ballin money.

Well my foolproof idea has gone to shit because nobody will play me (except Genius28 et all) so basically I spend 6 hours doing nothing except occasionally interrupted by a gentleman shortstacker who will proceed to pull miracles straight out the ass and rally 20bb into 80, then leave. Now, lets remember that once infinite moneypool online has dried up ever since the whole -300k present to Present, cashouts (gotta pay the bills imo), a certain disasterpiece of a cash game stake, and me brilliantly moving a dece chunk of $$ onto the wasteland that is Cake Poker. So now I'm left with alot of money on a site that will take approx 3 months to cut me a check, and my money on FTP is being taken 3k at a time by gays. So I've basically racked up 11 straight losing days while playing approx 30hands/day.
What's a playa ta do??
I had the brilliant idea to cashout all my $$ online so I could spend my entire days from after WSOP on for the rest of summer not playing poker and doing something like travel and all that stuff. Might be a possibility if I keep this up. This is the first time I've felt poker wasn't fun anymore.
Heaters for all,

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